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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frustrations of an internet user...

Okay, so I don't really use the internet for much other than blogging, but I really don't like it when I can't access the internet at will. I mean, just yesterday I went the whole day without any access to the internet (okay, so not all day, but a lot of it!). And no, we did not forget to pay the bill, we payed just fine right on time as usual. No, it was the internet service's fault. For some reason, they screwed something up and the internet would just not work. We tried to call them and see what was going on, but the line was totally busy, so we figured that they were probably getting complaints from other people. Which means that we're not the only ones to have that problem. So if they're getting so many complaints, why did it take them all day to get it up (again, exaggerating just a bit)? It was like, somewhere around twelve AM before it came back, so what the heck happened to it to cause it to take that long to get back up and running? I mean, what exactly is it that causes the internet to go down? I can't even begin to know how the internet works, but I can't imagine what could go wrong. Maybe they get viruses like any other computer owner? Maybe they have problems with power? Maybe they just got lazy and forgot to turn it on? Or (and this is probably the most likely of the options I've had so far), maybe they were updating things and just forgot to let us all know?
Okay, so if you know anything about computers or how the internet works that I obviously don't know a thing about, then you probably think I'm pretty stupid. And you would be right, sort of. I mean, I could learn about computers and the internet and stuff, because that's what my dad does for a living, and I could just ask him, but I don't really have an interest in all that stuff. In fact, it took my dad and big bro forever to talk me into using the internet more, and even creating a blog (I know, right? Just think, if they hadn't annoyed the crud out of me to blog and stuff, you would never have been able to read any of my 70 some-odd blogs!). I was originally just going to use this computer as a glorified typewriter, so I could write in my novel, but then they talked me into it and I now very much love to blog. And, I can use my search engine to find out when new books are being released, and I can listen to music or watch a funny video on YouTube (although I only really do that if someone I know tells me about a funny video and asks me to check it out), and all sorts of research related stuff, too.
Okay, so any-ways...I just felt like griping about the internet going bye-bye yesterday...So now that I got all that out, I'll be signing off before I think of more things about the internet being gone to gripe about.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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