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Sunday, January 31, 2010

_ (Blank)

Ugh...I have no idea what to blog about...You know, I haven't ever really had this problem. I always find something to blog about at the last minute, but this time, I really don't have anything. What's the matter with me? I don't understand, it's been like, five days since I last blogged, and for some reason I still can not think of anything to blog about. Maybe it's a conspiracy? Okay, yeah, I know. I've said that a lot, "maybe it's a conspiracy?" But you've got to admit, it is kind of strange that of all people I can't think of anything to blog about. I have been blogging every four to five days or less since July last year, not to mention that I have two blogs that I write in, yet for some reason today of all days I can not think enough to actually come up with something to put in this damn blog. So, what if it is a conspiracy? What if they're trying to keep me from blogging because some of my blogs have been controversial, and they don't want word getting out that there are a lot of conspiracies going on? What if they're going to come and break my computer so I can't tell the world about all their secrets and whatnot? And who are "they", you ask? If I told you, they would have to kill me. And you. And anyone you tell. So why am I telling you about these conspiracies? Because otherwise no one will ever know.
So anyway, sorry, today for some reason I'm just not feeling very funny. I mean, I did the whole "paranoid" skit just now (but it's true, even this is probably a conspiracy! They took my humor!), but I'm just not feeling it. I'm just super tired and I can't stop thinking about my self-set deadline for tomorrow (I have to post my short story on my other blog). I don't know, I think I'll just go do that now, and then I'll feel better.
Blog ya later (hopefully), Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Hey, maybe you guys can give me a few ideas of what to blog about, and I'll pick one for another day! Right? Okay, so if you think of anything, just leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Its not a conspiracy, Its brain Fart, no conspiracy. We all get Brain Fart, not to worry, just think of it as Dirty Jobs, where Mike Rowe has to ask for Ideas for shows, and you already did that. Good luck, Love ya.BBB

  2. Hey, thanks. You're right, I think it was just a brain fart. But don't worry, I think it's passing now, so I'll be blogging again soon!