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Monday, August 23, 2010


We all find it in very different things, don't we? I've known people to become inspired by many things that I may not find inspiring, yet at the same time the product that person comes out with in the end is quite inspiring despite me not really agreeing with them. For instance, I'm not a huge fan of abstract art. I'm a perfectionist, so anything I do must look like something from real life, or I believe it to be rubbish. But despite my feelings about abstract art, I still find it inspiring when I see someone create a work of art that is considered abstract. Not because it's necessarily my thing, but because it's their thing, and I can plainly see that they truly love it.
My Mum finds her passion in things like cooking, or carving wood, or even sculpting clay. She loves the ocean, and anything to do with it. She gasps at the magnificence of a giant wave, and cries when she hears bagpipes playing, with the beat of the music vibrating in her chest. She brags about her children's talents, and she will do anything for her family. She is a passionate person, and she inspires me.
My Dad finds his passion in working with computers, writing (much like me), and providing for his family. He loves old fashioned music (the good kind), and if you catch him in a good mood he'll sing along with the song. He turns green when my brother or I get hurt, and he tries to keep things light and humorous at all times. He is a passionate person, and he inspires me.
My Big Bro finds his passion in computer work as well as my dad, although his is more artful. He loves to design art in graphics, and if he can help someone at the same time, he'll do it in a second. He despises men who take advantage of young women, and he lights up if you sit and listen to him ramble on about his graphic work. He is also passionate, and don't tell him this, but he inspires me as well.
Most of all, my family as a whole inspires me. They keep me going even when I'm doubting myself. So much in life can be inspiring, it's hard to believe anyone can feel as if they don't have passion in their lives. I find my passion in everyday things, things like a really good book, a painting that takes your breath away (Monet does that to me to this day), a sunset that lights the sky with oranges and pinks and purples, shining brightly and colorfully. Music. Any kind really, as long as it's good. But the most inspiring music for me is piano music. My favorite song is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. I also love bagpipes, and the feeling I get as the beat vibrates through my own chest. Just thinking of my ancestors, two very different, very Scottish men who found their passion in writing just like I do, makes me swell with pride. But the most inspiring thing of all for me, is witnessing someone enjoy something I've created. I get a rush like no other when people tell me they love my story, or a painting I've made. Just knowing that what I do is not all for nothing keeps me fueled and ready for more. Inspiration is funny like that. One minute you're living life as usual, and the next, your own inspiration trigger hits you, and you have to do something you're passionate about or you'll explode. I've learned what triggers my feelings of inspiration, and I suggest that everyone find their own trigger, and use it to create something beautiful!
-Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Okay, yeah this post was all romanticized and everything, but I'm in a really good mood today. And there's no way I'm going to apologize for that. So there. And yes, I know I've done a post similar to this before, but whatev. I wanted to do it again.


  1. Whatever makes you Happy my dear. If you did not like it you would not do it, keep on doing what you doing. Love BBB
    I sound so Edumacated.

  2. Gewd thang, cuzz eye amm theee thesoricated masta o' theee wordee thingies.