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Saturday, September 11, 2010

In loving memory of the ones we lost...

Today marks the ninth year that we have all managed to live through since the 9/11 tragedy. On this day, I'd like to send my thoughts and my prayers out there to the people who have lost their loved ones, and to the amazing people who survived, and who continue to feel the pain of that tragedy to this day. I send prayers also to the volunteers who risked their own lives to help after the Twin Tower's fell, and who also feel the effects of that day nine years later. They all deserve more than just a "thank you", but since that is the only way I know how to honor them, I would like to say, thank you very, very much for helping to take care of that part of our country in it's time of need. We are all forever in your gratitude.
Besides the men and women who risked their lives that day (and so long after) to help at the Twin Tower's wreckage, I would also like to thank the men and women who continue to fight for our freedom even today: Our soldiers, who die for us every day in a foreign land to help protect us from further terrorism. Many people hold grudges against those noble men and women, but may I remind those people that it is not the soldiers who declared war, it is not the soldiers who send more troops out there to fight, it is not the soldiers who decide what actions to take, and it is not the soldiers who are to blame for the war. It is our government, and the people who run it who decide on such things, and our soldiers are merely doing what is right and what is necessary to protect their loved ones' freedom back at home. And for that, I say they are brave, and noble, and deserve thanks as they return home, not protests and dishonor.
So again I must say, one more time, to our soldiers, volunteers, family, friends, and fellow human beings who have all suffered due to the 9/11 incident: Thank you.

-Miss Eccentric.


  1. That day was the worst that I can remember, it is hard to think about, however I will never forget all those that were invaluable to our country.

  2. Very well said, Mum. I think all TRUE American's will agree with you, that what happened that day will never be forgotten.