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Friday, October 2, 2009

Through. "Though"?

Alright, so as I have said before, I like to read a lot (I average on a book every four to five days, but if it's my favorite book, Artemis Fowl, I can read it in one day. And I have. A lot). But this blog isn't about my reading habits, per-say. It's about the weird editing-mistakes that slip by the authors of said books and their editors. The most common of these errors (that I have found, at least), is the word "through". When writers really mean to say that so-and-so "went through the door", they end up making a mistake and writing that so-and-so "went though the door". Now, I know this is just nit-picking, because really, I have found worse errors in books than that, it's just, that particular error is the most common one that I keep running across, and I don't understand it. How can the writer miss that? Or worse still, how can the editors miss that? I mean, it is their job. And it's just a stupid missing "R" that we're talking about. It's not like it's that hard to put an "R" in the word "through". But no matter how easy it really is (to me, at least) to remember the missing "R" in "through", I can't help but notice how many books really leave it out. More than I could even say, because it's like, almost all of the books I've read. It's like an epidemic! Maybe I'm the only one to notice it, maybe writers around the world were brain-washed to think that they had indeed put the "R" in "through", but really they haven't. Maybe it's a way of dumbing us up, or making us go insane! Oh no, I think it's already happening to mee! I have found out that "dumbing" is not in spell-check, and I put an extra "E" in "me"!!! Its two layte four mee! Day hath all-raydee gott-un two mee! Butt yew kan steel safe yew-selve! Juss...hangg...en...thayre...
Alright, so I'm being just a bit dramatic...But maybe that was the point! To drive me insane!!!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. In case you don't know how to read dumb-text, I have included a translated version of the above:
"It's too late for me! They have already gotten to me! But you can still save yourself! Just...hang...in...there..."

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  1. Eye tink day gut tew mii two!!! Oh, wait. I am M.E. Never mind.