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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Today, I would like to talk about the phrase (if you could call it that) "Pwn". "Pwn" is used like the word "own" ("You just got Pwned!"), but spelled wrong. I do not really get why people think it's cool to spell a word wrong, and then make it a new fad. I mean, who was the first idiot that spelled "own" with a "P" in the place of the "O", and then instead of owning (pwning, ha ha!) up to it, just wrote it off like he or she meant to spell it like that. And that's probably how it happened too. Some kid was like, "you just got pwned!!!" to a friend, and then thought, "wait, I just spelled that wrong..." but his friend was all like, "hey, did you just make that up? That's a really cool way of saying that I got owned. We should, like, use that on other people, and make it really popular!". Yeah, that seems like a logical way of how it could have happened. And what's up with "lol" anyway? What does it mean? "Laugh out loud"? "Lots of laughs"? "Lions of Louisiana" (Just kidding on the last one, by the way)? I don't get the language of kids today, and you know what gets me more than the lack of grammar in today's youth? The fact that I don't get it, when I am technically still part of today's youth. Also, why do people have to cuss to get their point across? Now, I'm not saying that people should all stop cussing altogether, because if it's just you, and your friends, you should be able to be comfortable enough to joke around, and if a cuss word slips in there once-in-a-while, then whatever. But what is the point in twelve-year-old's running around all "F- this", or "S- that"? There is no point, in my opinion. If you can't get your point across without cussing, to me that just shows your ignorance. But I will look the other way if you cuss after something like, I don't know, slamming your fingers in your car door (like my mom did once. Ouch!), or stubbing your toe, or getting cut-off while driving (although I do not condone violence while driving). Because I am a forgiving person. Because I can let things go. Because I am very patient. Because I don't like to judge other people. Because I said the S-word last time there was an earth-quake (blog for another time).
Blog ya F-ing later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. And because I play Bullsh*t with my family. Also, how did I get from the word "pwn", to cussing?

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