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Friday, April 2, 2010

You can't spell "families" without "lies"

Should I even bother with this blog? Because I have to warn you, if I go through with this, things might get ugly...But I think I need to go for it anyway, so prepare yourself...

In the past two weeks or so, both my mum and dad have posted about our crazy families. I no longer can take it, therefore I feel the need to join them in posting my frustrations. I will however also post a link to my mum and dad's own blogs, that way you can read both of their opinions as well as mine:

Anal Seepage (my mum's blog)

Family, You Know It's Bad When...(my dad's blog)

Now, to get started, I think I'd like to explain a little about the two different sides of the family: My mum's side, and my dad's. Let's start with Fadda (my dad)...

Basically my dad was raised by wolves. Him and is older brother both agree on that point. Although his brother doesn't really know quite like my dad does, because he was the favorite out of the two. My dad, on the other hand, was the one who was left home alone at the age of twelve with a twenty dollar bill left on the counter as his parents and brother had the times-of-their-lives on a trip to Canada. And he was expected to live on just that for the several weeks they were gone. And when his parents were home, they tortured him. Especially his mother, who I must say is just about the Queen of all Nags. All the women in his family are like that, too. They drive all the men in the family so crazy they just all start dying-off. And of course the men in the family are not too great themselves, since they're all either drunk, high, or molesting another family member (or all three). My dad's family is so corrupt, so mean-spirited, so ungrateful, so creepy, whiny, and downright disgusting that my dad was actually relieved when his father finally passed away from cancer a while back. Now, that may sound harsh, because that was his father, but you have to put yourself in his shoes. His father was never a father to him, instead always favoring his other son. He was a complete creep and jerk. And yeah, my dad loved him in a very human way because he was his father, but he surly did not like him or love him as a person. And he feels the same about the rest of his family, including the crazy aunts and uncles and cousins and blah, blah, blah. And I truly do not blame him.

Moving on to Mum...

My mum is a whole other story, however. She grew up in a small family, just her, her grandparents, and her mother and stepfather. Her mother left her real father (whom my mum loved dearly, and whom loved her back just as much) when my mum was quite young, so she was stuck with her stepfather instead. My mum's grandparents were the only people in her life at that time who truly loved her and wanted the best for her, but unfortunately, she didn't get to stay with them for quite a large period in her life. Instead she had to live with her crazy mother who was in and out of the hospital all the time getting experimental surgeries, and her drunk and abusive stepfather. She always did her best to get through life unscathed, but unfortunately these people who call themselves her parents loved to play mind games, and beat their daughter for no reasons whatsoever, both physically and mentally. They even tried to convince my mum that she was crazy, taking her to a therapist and giving her meds that she never needed in the first place. They used to give her Valium when she was little just to shut her up when they didn't feel like raising a child. They also left her for dead several times, when she clearly needed to go to the hospital. For instance, my mum hit her head so hard one time that she blacked out, and didn't even remember how she got home. But her parents didn't take her to the doctor. And when her grandmother finally got a hold of her and took her to the doctor herself, they found out that my mum had been hemorrhaging in her brain, and was quite lucky indeed to even be alive. My mum also had to skip countless weeks of school to stay at home with her lovely (sarcasm) mother, who as I said, was in and out of the hospital all the time. My mum was like a slave. She cooked, she cleaned, she gave her own mother shots and medication, and she was expected to do her homework, even though she had to skip so many classes that she had no idea what was going on in school most of the time. Luckily, when she was at school, she was quite popular, so her friends would be kind enough to bring her homework and help her out. And did I mention that she (on top of everything else) also had to go to skating practice at the butt-crack-of-dawn, and cheerleading, and so much more? And to make it all seem even worse, every penny she made from her own jobs was handed directly to her ungrateful bastards of parents, including the money she received at the age of eighteen for getting hit by a two-ton truck when she was twelve. So to put it lightly, my mum's life sucked arse growing up.

You would think that after a lifetime of misery growing up, both my parents would have wonderful, normal lives of their own by now, wouldn't you? Well, you're wrong. Because to this day these lovely (more sarcasm) people continue to pester us all. My dad's mother now lives in Seizure- Excuse me, Leisure World by herself. She has Parkinson's Disease, so she can barely walk, she shakes uncontrollably, and has more recently started to hallucinate things like her dead husband in the middle of the street. And this woman thinks she can still drive, yet she wasn't even a good driver before the Parkinson's. Her doctor has even taken her driver's license away, and we took her car, but guess what? She called us up and insisted on picking up her precious car even after we offered to give up even more of our own lives just to help drive her around once a week. This, to say the least, was the last straw, and we no longer want anything to do with the backstabbing, ungrateful woman.
My mum's parents are both (unfortunately) alive. Her mum's completely bedridden now, addicted to Morphine, and has both cancer and diabetes, yet she refuses to do a thing about it. She was diagnosed with cancer about eight years ago now (give or take), yet she refuses to believe any of the doctors, instead ignoring it. She also threw a fit about being diagnosed with diabetes, and goes untreated today because she insists that she is "cured" of diabetes, which I can attest she is not (according to her blood sugar when we tested it for her). But there's nothing we can do about any of it, because my mum does not have the right to force her to do anything, seeing as her stepfather is still her caregiver, and has control over everything. These people continue to pester my mum, begging for money, food, help around the house, even a shower for her mother. Which is not fair to my mum, because not only do my parents have to take care of a house of eight (that being both my parents, two adult's including my brother and I, a handicapped and elderly woman that is our Nana, and three cats), but now they expect my mum and dad to shell out money in which we need for ourselves! Not to mention the helping-them-with-chores thing. I mean, come on. My mum is already taking care of her grandmother, but her mother expects her to come over and take care of her all the time as well? How is that fair in the slightest? It makes me want to shout at those people, "YOU HYPOCRITES!!! I DON'T SEE YOU TAKING CARE OF YOUR OWN MOTHER, SO HOW DO YOU EXPECT HELP FROM THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CARING FOR HER IN RETURN?!?"

I guess what I'm really trying to get at, is yes, there are some people in our lives to which we love dearly (our Nana, and the lovely -not sarcasm this time- friends who we adopted as our real family), but the rest of our "family" is crazy, and hurtful, and greedy. And no matter how many "second chances" we give these people, they never change: They remain just as crazy, hurtful, and greedy as ever. And what I would just like to know is, "why?" Why do we continue to be walked all over by these people no matter how nice, or even how strict we are to them?
But I suppose everyone has at least one family member like that, a soul-sucking leech of a family member who literally sucks your heart, soul, and sanity just by existing. And there's nothing we could really do to change that. All we can do is wait for the day when their evil deeds catch up with them, and God punishes them accordingly for their crimes upon humanity.

And now I believe this is the perfect time to stop, seeing as my eye is twitching, my neck tensing up, and a headache is coming on. So farewell for now, and good luck with your own crazy families.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.


  1. Oh adopted niece of ours, BBB here, We all need to let go, ( BFM, Bad Family Member. the ones your talking about in your blog or Mum, and Fadda). Its time to heal and stop beating yourselves up each time the BFM gets in you daily routine you all know how these people are, Embrace it and let it go. What I mean by embracing it, UNDERSTAND it, now let it go, They the BFM's are NOT going to change, your the only one that can change YOU. By understanding them, is half the battle, Now the hard part let them go, Yes you will still have to put up with them, But you can make the difference by changing how you cope with them, Ignore them, Smile a lot, It's all just Bla, Bla Bla anyways. Words can hurt if you let them. Take for instance My Mom, She's nice enough, then when you get to know her she can be a Bitch, she's self centered, likes people to wait on her. She thinks she should be waited on and is to good to clean her own STINKING house, and she Hordes everything, it's down right Gross at her house, but she's my Mom I love her and I try and just use the good things that she has thought me. I did not just wake up one morning and figure this out it has only been the last year, that it's been easier to be around her as long we have. Of Course Walt had to learn this to. We will never change her, but we try and help her as if it her idea. So take a deep breath, SMILE,BIG SMILE, and deal with them, like all the other idiots out there, you have not yet come across. LOVE BBB

  2. I very much understand where you are coming from. The right thing to do would be to just ignore the nastiness, and move on with our lives, and I thank you for the advice, and maybe I'll try and use it after The Cool-down. But being human as I am (so inconvenient, is it not?) I can't help but get angry with these people for hurting my mom and dad over and over. And if I ever come across my dad's mother again any time soon, I will tell her to stay the heck away from my parents. But that's just me, I always have to protect the ones I love. If it were just me, I WOULD let it go, but it's not. I'll be sure to pass the advice on to mum and dad though, maybe it will help them.